Sophie An

Telling a client’s stories through her camera lens is her passion and Sophie naturally brings to life the hidden spark of beauty in the world around her.

She specializes in family portraits, which include infants, children, and maternity shoots, as well as special events and business profiles, such as weddings, graduations and professional headshots.

Sophie began her career in photography early at Fresno City College and Fresno State University, where she honed her craft and going on to win several awards including the Barsam Award (2016) and elected to restore the photo works of the late Hanna Barsam (renowned architectural and landscape photographer) which her works are on permanent display at Fresno City College.

“You have to express the feeling of what’s going on in people’s lives, or else it’s just a snapshot.”
-Sophie An

Josh Lopez

Creative and brilliant, with an eye for scenic charm, Josh brings out his dedication to location photography by drawing inspiration from his hikes through Yosemite parks as well as photography heroes such as Ansel Adams.

He specializes in real estate photography, able to bring out the hidden charisma and appeal of various forms of locals, such as home interior and exteriors, office spaces, as we well as creative scenic shoots.

Josh has been contracted with many real estate companies due to his talent and many of his works have been winners in various photography contests, such as Best HDR and Best Landscape. In 2016, he won Best Landscape at ArtBeat Studios.

“Give them what they’re looking for...and more.”
- Josh Lopez

Elias Ibarra

Coordinating photo shoots can be elaborate as well as difficult. However, with over 17 years worth of experience with organizing art projects, Elias brings excellent customer service as well as logistics for the company.

His specialty is graphic design, photo editing as well as handling the business side of Shutter House. However, not only does he motivate clients feel at home during their first meetup, he also brings a human touch to an aesthetically-driven trade.

Elias also handles tasks such as scouting locations, finding solutions to creative shoots and helping clientele to budget projects. He also spends much of his free time volunteering his artistic talent in graphic design to non-profit organizations, such as local churches and tutoring.

“I love being able to make a thought come to life...
to convey a message”
- Elias Ibarra

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